Can CRW be 8 vs 8 again?

We have lots of players missing out and waiting. Don’t know about other factions but ours have enough that 8 vs 8 wouldn’t take long to fill.

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You can go to 1A, lol. Much prefer 6v6 myself, creates a nice unstressful, relatively good flow of wars for my fac


How about AoW? I want way better rewards.

May be stupid question but what is 1A… a level of region?

Well it’s supposedly a transfer group of regions but I’m not a mathemitician so can’t be certain about anything in that post

In found the post. Ty.

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I’m in 1a, we still got 6v6

We are not ginger orphans, waiting for the sun coming out tomorrow, they said 1a would get 8v8, give us 8v8

1a is still 6v6 for a few more CRW’s…

Changes start after next transfer window
4/11-7/11 subject to change

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I didn’t say Richard

No thankyou, there are factions other than the top 2 ish per region that don’t fill as quickly but still want to provide fodder for the top peeps🤗

I dont understand how people have trouble filling 8. Transfers were just open. Why arent you either merging with another faction or recruiting if you’re still struggling to fill for war?

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