Can Conversion / Depot


As the title says, a way to convert or purchase cans solely. Dunno about all of you, but I have 4 times as many WAR cans as I do World & Raid. I’d love to be able to convert 1 war can > say 4 raid or whatever. Relying on the SD for Raid cans is shocking. Plus there is Territory & SR Cans. Give us an Energy Depot of some sort…? Thanks for reading :nerd_face:


It’s not a bad idea but it will never come to fruition. The major problem is that you are assuming they would give us more for what we trade in. If this were real it would be more like 12 war cans for 1 raid or energy can.


Yeah that’s true man, food depot I mean gear shows us that. Would be nice to dream lol


So much useless slots wasted in the depot


Yup exactly. Would love to see extra energy types put in there in place of some of the useless crap we have.


I’d like the option to “can” my unused energy. Every day be able to can up my energy into a new world and raid refill, if my energy bar is full.
Canning it drains your energy entirely, but stores it for future use. Just an idea @CombatDevIl


5s shouldn’t be in there Benedict’s cover all 5s . Persona trainers useless could go on but we all know.


That would be amazing


Never even crossed my mind cool thought


For all those days without roadmaps, can that energy to prepare for “thirsty thursday” lol


So many possibilities named here. So little if anything would come of it. Deffo worth suggesting because ya never know lol


Yeah. Im not sure how 9 months of saying merge regions and give real rewards birthed completely unrealistic combat mods lol.


Just wanna sing Lionel Richie when I bail to them hello is me your looking for. Players bailing everyday


Yup to both. With a couple of tweaks they could make probably 90% of the player base happy again.
The odd minor thing here and there also.


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