Can ascend 3, who is best?

Can ascend 3. Probably going to go with Bryan but not sure on the other two.

Bryan, Romanov and Aiko…hands down!!


What leads do you have?

Mirabelle 6 star right now. Only other 6 star is Guardian Zeke

Thanks! Really, Aiko is good?

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With mira as only lead, bryan, Lori (neut is big and focus also huge), and aiko. Would maybe do garett instead as another lead, instead of aiko. Rom and anna are huge too but wo lead, not as useful or cohesive

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Romanov, Bryan, and Lori.


Rom is by far the best toon u have, but won’t fit any team you can make (unless u can buy rainbow lead like Sandy from league store)

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Javier Romanov Bryan.

Javier + Romanov = end

If he’s gonna go that route it would be best to do Javier for lead, rom, and aiko. He could run those 3 w zeke, but mira is gonna be at a disadvantage in that lineup. W zeke he can put an abs wpn on in a Mira Lori Bryan aiko setup.

Rom, Bryan and Anna for me personally. Good burst and lots of taunts.


I’d pick something so you can build a nice team with what you currently have. You could pick Bryan, Lori and Aiko, which would give you a nice range team with Mirabelle. Or alternately you could pick Javier, Romanov and Aiko, which will give you a nice blue-yellow team with Ezekiel.

Thinking long term I’d go lori cus of neutralise/focus and that will fit into you team with boobs against Carl teams and weaker human shield team.
Alot of red revival about and aiko waste not will help with that. Bit like an Andrea.
While Bryan is a good hard hitter I’d go with roma because ascending 2 reds at same time is a mistake gear wise.
Short term it would be a good idea to save up supply points and get blue tyreese for decap if you haven’t already got him.
By long term I mean gear it’s one thing to ascend to 6 star but getting the gear to teir them up is hard stuff so picking these toons will help more with events sr road faction assault road maps so on.
What one have you wanted to ascend just out of curiosity?

Was thinking Romanov for awhile and either Garrett or Javier for another leader… wasn’t sure on third one but saved for Bryan in Thanksgiving event…but wanted to get some opinions… have Zeke maxed but need 4 double guns for Mira so could be awhile for her

Thanks for all the feedback… pretty clueless with the team set ups so probably why I lose regularly in head to head

I use Rocket Abe a lot and Maggie for revive

Go with your gut he’s good in attack teams and you’ll enjoy using him even with 5star survival road zeke as lead he’s a beast

Was going to say the same thing!

Aiko, Bryan, Anna.

Like already mentioned… depends on the rest of your roster. Which Mirabelle do you have? The red or the green one?