Can anyone verify time if faction raid?


For some reason u can’t see on vk anyone know time of faction event? We need more then an hour between faction events. Time to collect rewards and any needed changes. With 2 faction events that were supposed to be a solo this is even more needed. Changes are made after events with new people coming in and others leaving.


1pm EST


How are we supposed to to add new people and collect rewards if needed? Unless rewards come in immediately. We need more then an hour between faction events


I thought 1pm EST was the solo levelup?


Why don’t you just join a faction and stay there instead of trying to somehow “game the system”


1pm EST for solo level. I’m guessing 9pm EST since that was what it was last time.


Is it definitely both events?


Oh OK that would make more sense it starting later. But vk isn’t showing the normal page with start times and such. Thanks for verifying


Yes 2 events solo lvl and fac raid


It’s not definite, but that’s what’s shown on the calendar.


Yeah I’m not a huge believer of the calendar. Not sure why… :yum:


Actually 90% of tune the event calendar is acurate. U would think tho that if a solo got cancelled they would replace with solo lol but was OK with blitz git 2x the events and nuggets


What’s the word on raid? We still having one? If so, what time?


Sorry, I misread, yes the level up is in 30 mins but as for the Faction Raid I am not sure.

Historically, it usuaully starts a few hours after the 1pm EST event later in the evening for the U.S.


It’s definitely not 90 percent may be 75 percent or even lower considering how often things are switched, disappear, appear without notice etc


The last 2 Faction Level Ups listed on Calendar never appeared (one was later redacted). As much as I hope the FRT shows up I have little trust that it will. Just like the “Players First” attitude yet to appear.


player first, as in solo level up first,


Aaaand this tourney has been moved.

Looks like SR tourney has been FUBAR’ed. Plus what is up with a 4 day war. Gotta be a typo.


So another post that the community manager is going to ignore? Let me guess, busy in meetings all day again? Lots of cool stuff coming our way soon (that won’t be relayed to us, just make sure to watch for the next update). When does this end with the nonstop level ups and the ignoring of players? Are we going to have a faction raid this weekend??? A simple yes or no from scopely would be fantastic.


Oh—no bother. The Russians told us first. Thanks for nothing, again. Have a wonderful weekend!