Can anyone in Wave 3 transfer right now?

I’m getting a lot of reports that no one in Wave 3 can transfer right now. Does it look like transfers are closed early?

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I heard they could transfer now but the ones that have ended up with lvl 1 accounts (not sure if they joined or transferred as I got the info from a 3rd party)

Transfers look like they’re working for me again in the wave 3 regions. If someone got a level 1 account, they hit join instead of transfer.

Dyer is still closed to inbound transfers

Someone who is trying to transfer in Greenville Wave 3 is trying to transfer but there is no option to yet

None of those regions in the screenshot are supposed to be open for inbound transfers right now. Scroll down, are the wave 3 regions available?

Seems to be working

Dyer is wave 3. Marlboro wave 3. Dyer is not open to inbound transfer

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They r trying to transfer from a wave 3 region to a wave 2 which from above info shows that it should be opened?

Marlboro is open to transfer for me but dyer isn’t

Yep. Trying to move from Marlboro to dyer

Greenville cant transfer out anywhere

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Please come back. I feel like dyer and Greenville are just hanging

I’ve got a suggestion. On the Regions screen each region should say what wave they are.

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wave 2 should be open for 1 aswell yea?

So is this it? The 2 regions having issues won’t be resolved? Just let us know please


Will we even be able to transfer out of greenville? Only way I can leave is if I join instead of transfer.

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I really don’t think they care. We are just casualties of this catastrophe

I have an account in Baldwin which is supposedly wave 2. Yet it can transfer to wave 3 regions :thinking::thinking:

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Is there any news or updates on this as time is running out for certain regions in Wave 3 to transfer but they can’t as SS above?

In game support FAQ has same message, but some customers don’t even have the transfer option as they should.

Can we please get an update and response from Scopely asap as alot of customers are in limbo through no fault of their own. Thank you