Can anyone help me with this mod Scraps bug?

After the maintenance yesterday, I try to transfer my wood into mod scraps but every time I do
It the game crashes. It is not about the 13k cap,and I tried reinstall the app,but still crashing after I transfer scraps. Reopen the app, the scraps were not transferred. I asked my faction mates ,they don’t have any problems with that. Can anyone help me? I can’t play this game without scraps!

Have you tried clearing both cache and data, see if that does you any good?

Please be sure to open a ticket with in-game support as well. I haven’t heard of anyone else having this bug, but they’ll know more than I will.

Today I tried to convert wood to scraps. It worked. No crashes! I don’t know why. Maybe that bug was just a one day bug?they somehow fixed it.

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