Can anyone explain how this is possible?


Same as the title. How can this happen without cheating?


Lots of cans. Its been going on for 3 hours, thats plenty of time if you have a lot of cans to do that. 393k is a perfecr score.


He’s using cans most likely. When you finish legendary you’re close to 400k. He must really want the top prize.

In my region, if you don’t drop 30-60 cans in a solo you can’t finish top 3. I personally think that’s crazy. The game is pay to win in case you haven’t noticed.


Oh yes I know it’s pay to win. Biggest money grab since battlefront II



In my region u can finish at #3-10 with 5-10 gallons!! That’s insane!


Yeah, I have finished in the top 10 a few times. Usually had to use 5-10 cans like you said. Since they stopped giving out the free one for bronze I haven’t bothered. Top 100 is good enough for me. It’s always been about the milestones anyway.

As far as the top 3-5 goes there’s a group that does it every single time. They put up like 500-750k each and every time. Like I said it’s crazy. Just how many Ulysseys does someone need anyway? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not how many they have, it’s how many you don’t have. Them “top” (spending) factions gotta stay on top you know.


Very possible. Given this was this last SR tourney in our region. Mind you it was the 23 hour SR that ran on Sunday. I was 3rd :cry:


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