Can anyone explain Daze and Exhaust?

What do they do exactly?
How do they work?

Daze is like impair but for Active Skill

Exhaust causes maim damage to non normal increase in AP, eg through Active Skill from Michelle, Doc Stevens, Holly. It causes a specified amount of damage eg 225 or 250 for every 10% AP gained. Doc Stevens gains 100% active skill turn 1. Exhaust will cause 2250 or 2500 (depending on the toon) damage. If he survives and rushes, those other 2 toons that get 60% AP will suffer 1350 or 1500 maim damage.

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Plus, Doc Stevens’ team mates get maimed every time you hit him (because his weapon causes AP gain).

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Good to know. Havent thought of that

Exhaust was made to try and stop the auto zach teams.

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