Can anyone else tell what is wrong?

I am really really really starting to believe the surprise maintenance done the other day was not to fix things but clean up any of the evidence.
Getting rid of the shifting odds, empty choices and all things really broke the game. Just makes you wonder how ingrained their fake RNG really was.



For those not good at picture games.


Theirs sooooo many bugs the last few days, just had christa rush and kill 4 toons, toons being impaired when they should be stunned, ap gain not working, zombies appearing on screen even tho they are really dead, their fake odds must had been the foundation of the game


I really could use a laugh, so I can’t wait for content creators to make a “everything is good, scopely’s good, nothing to see hear” video.


YO THATS HOW I DIED THAT ONE TIME. My whole team got whipped by. One person hit the ar and christa came and in said I’ll clean the rest up. Killed everyone.


Especially the ones who get paid by scopely thru promoting their channel

Nothing to see here, move along to the Faction… I mean solo Survival Road where you can win ice cream con…box of trash. No, wait, ice cream cones. Also don’t forget to swing by classic territories where you can try to unseat a top faction in one or both special areas, in between crashes and reboots. Don’t forget to get 1 million in every level up to obtain the torches and beads to run up to 4 separate maps to obtain minimal…quantities of S-class collectibles and the yangs to your yins from the beloved raid drop boxes with their outstanding drop rates. Gold bars to, only roughly 68 more days to go to max that free S-Class…

Kinda lost my train of thought


Thats the point

Please exit through the gift shop


That’s Veni,s team nice Gator lead

Ok took me a while to see what was wrong without reading thread :+1:

Don’t forget those disappearing blue keys once you get Pete😂

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