Can anyone actually help

Is there really no admin on here that can access people’s accounts? Someone on here gave me what information I needed to provide as I don’t have my account number but can’t remember who it was

Ive had this issue you speak of

Any luck getting it sorted?

Help with…??? Your post is confusing

Reclaiming my old account, tried backing it up to Facebook as instructed only to have it wipe all progress and start me from scratch

Did you finish the tutorial? When you install it fresh on a new device you have to go through it before you can do the facebook recover.

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Are you transfering devices? Do u know your account ID?

Had my phone stolen, found an old device with account on so tried to back it up with Facebook as told by support after emailing them. Went through tutorials and boom, no saved data

Wish I could offer help but I have no clue.

Had you linked to Facebook on the device that got stolen? If not, link in on a new device won’t help.
Otherwise it should just work - people switch devices all the time.
If you have the player ID and record of recent purchase the might restore it, but again I think it needs to have been linked?

If you hadn’t backed it up before, another device wouldn’t have the account on it. You linked your FB to a new account / random account. Only the device that was stolen would have your account on it, and this would be the one you would have needed to link to facebook to transfer it between devices.

Contact support and they will go through possible ways to recover your account.


Count the blessings

Thanks for the advice everyone