Can absoD deflect Sclass Priya AR?!

Hi there, been seeing quite lot of Sclass Priyas ARs becoming 0 on an absoD toons, from my recollection normal attacks is the only one that absoD can proc too not Rushes(ARs) right?..can anyone enlighten us on this matter please…

Thanks in advance

Either a Guardian Shield or an Absolute Defence weapon sounds like it was in play. Mostly yellows have Absolute defence weapons but there are the odd other toons such as Tobin and a couple of other non yellows have them as set weapons.

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Not really, saw it hit a g2 activated with absoD toon, 1st atk nulifies the g2, then second atk 0, then 3rd was 0 also…freakin weird! The 2nd and 3rd atks should have gone thru right but didnt. Dumbfounded atm!

A rush that says “X attacks of Y% damage (z% total)” is a multiattack rush that allows weapons to proc.

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Oh noo, this explains it…thanks a lot lady geek!

It sucks SC Priyas AR is a big MEH!

Boooohhh! Hehe

Yep it is since it triggers reflect damage and payback. Dumb design.

Hehe ikr, but from what i can recall It will definitely trigger those last two stats you mentioned, since reflect dmg, does reflect “any” damages it encounters and payback also was designed in such a way to give payback % dmg for whatever % dmg you give it…im just not aware that they made this multi attack thingy nowadays that makes an AR rush to become an ordinary attack which really made me feel dumb! Long time i was only aware that ARs cant be block by absoD, so was really surprised was getting all 0s with my AR rushes…but as ladygeek mentioned, they changed the AR concept…sneaky B!

How is that we have had multi-attack rushes since Dwight almost two years ago and people still haven’t clocked how they work…


They didn’t change it for Priya, it has been like this for a long time. The first blue Dwight had this problem. Blue konrad, yellow shiva lacerator, etc.

Harper gets the reflect too but not ab def because of her disarming skill. You can counter it by disarming a toon first. The confuse and impair will take effect anyway, that’s something I suppose?

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Yeah but nowadays only few people still use disarm for good reason.

His point is that double attack disarm toons don’t have this problem. (Michonne, Harper etc). Which is probably why some people don’t realise how the standard double attack toons like Blue Dwight have always worked.

Well it could be i didnt have him before… :slight_smile:

Same thing, didnt have those toons also before so didnt know… :slight_smile:

Got probably lost over time since these toons were outdated.

Well i have Julie with her double atk wep and used a double atk wep on some blues, cant say i ever saw it or experienced it there before???hmmm…

The double attack has to be in their rush. Double attack weapons are fine. The double attack weapon does not take effect in Julies rush and that is the key factor. Hmmm

Oh ok copy that, ima dumbazz hehe should be rush my bad hehe!

All good. Like some previous posters said, a lot of people are unclear how it works. All depends what toons you have used over your career.

Hehe tnx bud, so i really didnt know coz ive never had a multi atk ar toons before hence my surprise here…hehe!

Same as people dont know the difference between damage reflect mods and damage reflect weapon. Why does my disarm toon takes damage ?! Because ya dumbass hitting on damage reflect mod!