Can A solo Player


Can a solo player who is factionless, transfer regions when a faction event is active?


We had people transfer into our region during a faction event about 3 weeks ago. They were factionless prior to the event starting.


Test it.

Leave your faction now, then when war starts try to move regions :+1:


i was under the impression from discussions with JB previously that faction events “lock” transfers regardless


Many others are reporting that as long as the person was factionless at start of event, they transferred during a faction event


Dunno bud. Just recall having a conversation with JB regarding it that first week where transfers got suspended. Haven’t tried it so I’m not 100% sure


Transfers being suspended was a separate issue though, I guess we will find out. Will be tested on purpose


Yes, I was specifically trying to find out if people could transfer if war had begun before transfers had gone live again as long as they were factionless.

I may still have the convo on line, if i do i’ll send you a ss of what he said


Yes sir, shoot it over to me in Line


Depends, they may start shutting transfers down before war though so regions arent depleted & screwed over.


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