Can a banned account leave the faction?


A member of my faction when there is no time to play it allows his brother, who also plays, to enter into his account and play for him, but by accident his brother unlinked his facebook account and his account went nowhere.

After a week talking to the support, asking for name, account code, purchase revenue and etc … today his account disappeared from the scoreboard, and the strangest thing is that in the registry of the faction it appears that he left the faction, with the transfer system now we do not know if it was banned or had the account logged by another person and left the region.

After banned you leave the faction or your account simply disappears? He recently spent a lot of money on RTS tokens and other things to be banished like that out of nowhere, it seems strange to me.

@JB.Scopely can you help?


If he transferred in activity it would say so and so went to etowah region…


Yeah, but it appears that he left the faction, not that he was transferred. If someone logged in, he left before transferring.

I’ve seen people being banned and they just disappear, it does not show on the activity wall that they left the faction.


Yeah this is why I’m not unlinking my account from Facebook


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