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My 2nd account I pulled koa on a single pull 6* already so yes you can

Serious Luck i guess.

I got an Aris already 6* on a single, so it is possible. But usualy you do a 40 pull and get nothing but a 2-3 crap epic’s and not the promo toon

Yes, you can. Pulled a 6-star version of Carl and Abe in the past month or so. Back before 6-stars existed I pulled the taunt Michonne during her promo. So thats 3 in a little over a year of playing. Odds are not good for sure.

Better than me I got shield michonne when she 1st came out I got 5* different times but that’s the only promo

I have single pulled ascendble sandy and jerimiah it is possible
My recommendation is pray to gator 10xinstead of rngesus

Luck is still yes lmao!

Well, I pulled 5* Ascenable Andrea in my Second region, so Yeah :blush:

One pull. I’ve seen faction mates doing it and I’ve never thought I’ll be lucky, but apparently I was.

Done this many times but no one really that useful lol

Alpha when it first came out nothing since

My Wife Pulled Dante 6* on a single and still giggles about it. :joy:

Back in the day I singled pulled yellow 5* Governor when he first was a premier recruit. No premiers since in any number of pulls.

I’ve gotten 5* Erika and 6* Erika on single pulls. Along with 6* Abe and 6* Laura.

I have only ever gotten 3★ & 4★ toons. Nothing good

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Got an ascendable Carl through one pull

1 single draw for Beta and a x40 on a promo I do not remember who was the character, I had Negan 6 * Fast.

I’ve done a single pull as soon as the promo changes for the last 9 months and have yet to get a 5*… so, maybe 4 promos a week… 144 pulls. But, a few in my faction have pulled 10+ ascendables/legends By doing the same thing. I have really bad luck though so I’m not surprised when I see a sherry every other day.

I pulled nothing from last 3 x 40 pulls fo alpha, 1 x 10 pulls fo Dante, and 7 x 10 pulls a long time ago.

That is, I pulled nothing since I played this game.