Camilla or Alice?

Hey together,

I’m thinking about pulling for Camilla ( next promo tomorrow) or Alice…
My team would be like:

Decap alpha 2x


Decap alpha
Decap sandy

What would be better?

Depends on who you are facing…

Alice is better…

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Alice hands down. Good luck bc I blew my wad trying for her with no success. Some ppl have the luck… and some just don’t.

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No question, Alice

Why you always tell me to try for Camilla?

Alice is better, greens and reds lead, focus, attack buff and revive rush, her weapon comes with impair when attacking. If you have someone like andrea can put alice behind her also for a range team, overall she is beast. Camila only really has the huge bonus lead for melee going for her. Alice will help you kill more imo. I have to ask tho, why magna? Just get a healer or something if worried about damage to your attack team, alice has revive also so that is covered, imo someone like leagues zeke would be better

Shields take the hits from AP drain, neutralize, stun ect. The rest can charge their AR without being slowed down


Screenshot_20190324-125305_Walking%20Dead this is the defense team I’ve been playing around with using Alice

Makes sense, just think something else could be put there, maybe a defense down toon like dale or diego, a healer/hp booster, a gaurdian, i use kal for his gaurdian and taunt. Another toon for control or someone like command glenn for command and attack and defense buff, etc

He already has Harper for defense down. If anything he should get rid of one of his decaps and put a disarm in there

His Alice idea is very close to my team and I win over 90% of my raids in 3-4 turns


Alice on defense? Interesting.

i prefer the alice team - alice’s rush gives the attack buff and focus, add in she revives just in case as a fail safe- alpha decap after harper defence down and sandy decap for clean up. Camilla’s rush isn’t as good as Alice’s imo and running double decap alpha you run into the issue of killing the centre toon but not all adjacent to the centre toon, alpha will only able to pick off max of 2 toons on the same side.

I get the idea of a shield on attack, i just dont like it lol some dont like a healer/revive on attack teams where as i do. Anyways, alice will be better not just for her as lead but she can go behind andrea, michelle, tara, she can also go on defense begind erika, donnie, etc, shes much more versatile

No need for healer revive Alice Harper alpha alpha shield game over third round. Most problems maybe if they have guardians but usually three rounds. No one dies.

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Was just about to say that l

The dedense meta is shifting to ap gain weapons and from all tank to tanky attacks, people are using decaps and stuff on defense teams now. But agreed with alice and harper he should kill turn 3. I dont have alice or harper or a shield and in war it mattters when a toon on your team dies, you get less points and do less damage, i was speaking more for myself that i go with a healer/hp booster/revive on attack teams cause of war. Again this is my personal use and what i think, i would rather have a healer/hp booster/revive than a shield cause if the shield does die that is less points and less damage. Just my opinion, i know opinions are a bad thing to have nowa days but i have mine lol

Yes if I didn’t have Alice and Harper I would have a healer or revive…unless you have good attacking toons I used to run rick Harper rom Zeke guard and marlon it did fine most the time.

I have a good melee team and range team, working on a range killing team and melee killing team and now michelle team, alice is the dream tho, she can go on so many teams

pull for both, scopely needs a new coffee machine in the break room