Camilla: Finally A huge AP Melee Leader

Finally, what we’ve wanted since the introduction of 6 star toons. A (leaked) toon that gives a Huge Bonus to AP when attacking to melee teammates. Camilla also just has some bad ass stats in general. Looks like scopely has guaranteed themselves a Merry Christmas! Post your thoughts and pulls here

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Good lead skill and active. But why is her AR all over the place?

Feels as if the person who came up with it just took several spins on a wheel that decides what additional buffs/debuffs to add to the damage.

Ain’t even complaining because I’m not giving $copely a Christmas paycheck but it’s certainly worth noting about her weird AR.

Also, say hello to Camila lead, Harper, Command Glenn, Decap Alpha, Wayland/Marlon teams now lmao


lol yellow 66ap… bye rick


Insanely OP


Guess we don’t have enough legacy 5*s to fill that gap. Oh wait, there’s like 8 who’d slide right in there. Merry Christmas and keep spending.


The ranged lead was a legacy toon, I wouldn’t have expected melee to be lagacy as well.

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Which legacy ranged lead you talking?


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Yeah same lead

cough p2w cough


I see, yeah, she kicks all kinds of ass

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Damn I thought she was a league toon to purchase. Guess not.

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Game to us business to scopely sucks but honestly didn’t expect any different

Definitely not insanely op. If it weren’t for her lead skill she wouldn’t even make a dent.


Her stats are nasty though. 2k attack and 1500 def. Most hard hitting toons have like 1100-1300 defense… She’s pretty tanky. Won’t pull for her but nice. Still want a yellow command and red/yellow def lead.

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What’s the current record for quickest war? It’s about to be broken for sure

Hmmm… A bit mixed.

Camille, Wayland, Chris, Harper, (command/sheild)

Plenty of decap ability and leave Lydia alive. Let camille’s burn kill her and whomever she bonus heals.

Doesn’t really move the bar imo.

she’s amazing. I’m sure she is a very nice girl.

With naya that burn would be nasty. Interesting character