Camila Tha Killa Video

Here comes the last survivor until the new year and her name is Camila. She comes packing more burn damage than Romanov with a flamethrower. Let’s talk about this incinerating beauty!


Burn damage doesn’t stack, mate.

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I said it stacks? Listening to it again to make sure. Do you have a timestamp where that was mentioned?

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I’d need to recheck. But you said something like it was possible to spread 1800 burn damage. So I thought you assumed it would stack.

At 2:20. But looking at it again you could mean a scenario where Naya attacks two different toons with her rush so she spreads the burn twice. That was not totally clear to me, I just interpreted that you thought it was stacking.

Oh, I was referring to the 900 burn damage that last for 2 turns. That would be where the 1800 burn damage comes from. If you kill someone with her AR then the 900 burn damage for 2 turns will shift to someone else.

unfortunitly when you 1 shot someone with her rush her burn damage doesn’t apply to another toon which I had hoped

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Yea, I just edited the post. You said it was possible to ‘spread 1800 burn damage a round’.

I was just wondering how you’d spread those 1800 a round and therefore assumed you thought it would stack from the rush.

Ohhh I see how that can be confusing. I meant “around” but not “a round” :stuck_out_tongue: I try to use the terminology “turns” when it comes to that.

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That is strange. I feel it should but if it’s working as intended then I just learned something new with their wording. I did notice the sentence that had a bunch of commas in it so it applies the damage first, then burn and then the impair. I assumed the burn, impair and damage was all applied at once since they were not separate sentences but it looks like I should look at commas the same way.

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Oh well, completely misunderstood you there then, haha. :joy:

No worries. I was getting it quite a bit in other comment sections too so I had to figure out where the confusion was. I will make sure to be more clear in future videos. Thanks for that feedback doc.


its a bit disappointing it doesn’t apply the burn to others. I have a video of this that you can see if you wish me to pm you it

Yes please :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that this is the case as well. It seems like it’s likely bugged @JB.Scopely @CombatDevIl can you please confirm that the burn should be applied to an adjacent toon when killed by Camila’s rush or if it is working as intended currently?

Hopefully they can apply the Burn first before the Damage portion as I think that would be pretty good. She hits pretty hard and can 1 shot and lose a lot of her ARs power with the burn not being able to spread.

She is probably working as intended. The damage is applied, then the burn. So if damage kills survivor, then the burn isn’t applied to that toon, Therefore it wont jump

That is my guess anyway


I remember a while ago there was some nonsense surrounding damage being applied according to where a comma might be in the AR description. In this instance it seems singularly useless that the burn wouldn’t apply if you use your 2100 attack damage dealer to murder someone with her AR.

I have a feeling you are right.