Camila team comp

Just like my Alice thread, what does the community run behind her?

Camila with Harper fill in the rest

What do you currently run behind her?

I dont have her, this is for future reference

For future reference there will be a lot of other options available than what there are now

i run Cam, roman, javi, marlon and bruce. cam has a 40%atk and AP to all wep as does Javi. all trigger 2nd turn…then the beat down ensues.

also run Cam lead, roman, Green shiva, green Alpha and bruce.

and run Javi lead, Tobin, Cam, Dwight, Bruce…yea…i really like bruce lol

I also mix her in my Donny Lead team. Shes a total badass with atk mods n a 40% atk wep. easilly tops out over 5K atk with an atk lead

Shawn Mendes or Bazzi.

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Marlon and Rosie

Cam, Bruce, Kate, Rom, and Alpha

(Disclaimer) J.B’s team comps, not mine
80% f2p:
20% f2p:
60% f2p:
Saying “f2p” because that’s synonymous with the word “easy obtainable.” You can easily swap out whoever, such as Carley, who probably doesn’t belong on a team like that anyway, etc.

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