Camila and Maggie RTS #5 Burn glitch


Nice vid capture on displaying the bug.

Wish i could vid capture with my phone but it’s really wonky at taking vids and internet isn’t much better with upload speeds of 1 to 3 kb/s.

Yes kb, really slow af. lol


There was actually a thread on this when the event was still going on. No idea what was said in reguards to fixing it. Maybe search around for that thread and see if there was a solution.

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I tested this a month ago. If burn is a part of a rush attack, it is only applied and transferred upon death after the rush has finished and the enemy has at least 1 HP left. Same applies to special weapon attributes, skill, and mods.


That’s how it works for Camila, but Romanov’s burn applies even if the target is killed. That’s the bug. (See video)


My phone died after my post. The subsequent post I was gonna make, was going to mention the video above. I have experienced the same issue with both blue and red 5 star Romanov. I, however, didn’t have an account on forums at the time amd so neglected to say anything.
As you should already be well aware of LG, I love to test out toons. Plenty still have their bugs. I usually experience them on random. Just like the recent automatic win bug when the match hasn’t timed out yet nor has the enemy been defeated yet. Happens randomly for me.


I did try to seach this up prior. I could’ve sworn there was one.

At the time when i created this topic, I did try to search it up in many ways to see if there was one but it kept saying no results. I tried something else entirely different not related to this, i got results. Maybe the search option at the time was bugged.

I see the old post now since the search seems to be working again. Thanks for pointing that out. I thought it was peculiar there wasn’t one when making this topic.


Yeah my Camila that I payed money for is no longer working as intended


Send me those videos and I’ll get them added to the bug tracker post.


I’m tracking this thread and have asked a bunch of you to feed in it with any useful footage of those potential issues, thanks!


I have actually had that issue before. Ill search obvious words or phrases for a topic and get nothing. But then at some other point I’ll find exactly what i searched that didnt come up. I wasnt being as ass saying to search, i was actually being lazy lol didn’t wanna go look for it.

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