Camila and Maggie RTS #5 Burn glitch

This bug has been going on since I’ve quickly ascend her.

The problem is, when she kills a target outright with her ar specifically, the burn damage never passes onto a nearby target. The burn effect is lost.

It works fine with my 5 star alert romanov that also has burn damage in his ar. When he kills the target outright with his ar, the burn effect is immediately passed onto a nearby target. Same applies for 6 star yumiko when i use her in the beta region.

Are there others experiencing this issue?

Edit: I’ve included Camila since other players have the same issue with her. I don’t have Camila but felt it was necessary to include her in the title as well since the issues are the same.


Nah my Maggie is fine must just a temporary glitch

I haven’t ascended Maggie yet, but the same thing happens with camila. I thought maybe it was the burn being applied after the ar but your point about Romanov and yumiko has me second guessing that now

All my burn toons are just fine eg Maggie Camilla yumi naya ect ect

I had my maggie ascended a few days after the event has ended to get her.

When it comes to experiencing bugs chances are, others are too. It is peculiar to see no complaints on this yet.

I’ve pulled off my burn mod to see if that was a factor but no, the bug still persists. I am starting to wonder if being a beta player is impacting my maggie in some way.

I just tested naya as well, she checks out fine as well.

So when your Maggie kills a toon when using her AR another toon takes on the burn even if there was no burn applied before the AR?

Naya wouldn’t be affected in this scenario. Her ar applies burn to two enemies and not necessarily the one that the damage is applied to

Naya does follow a similar mechanic. The initial first burn will be on the primary target and the other one is random.

I tested this when 3 walkers are lined up in an adjacent formation. The primary fire damage is still passed on resulting the two walkers left over with the burn dmg from her ar.

My Maggie does the same thing, that’s why I only target yellows/greens with it. She just acts like an Aiko when I use it on reds/blues.


yeah, that’s what i’ve been mostly doing as well or tanky toons that can tank her attack enough for naya to combo in behind and spread the fire dmg further.

I have a burn team so everyone either has burn mods or burn ar the ones with burn ar have bleed mods so I’m not 100% because everyone has burn already but if i remember correctly the higher burn dmg passes onto another toon

Yeah I was just saying that her burn still isn’t after even when Maggie kills a toon

Im pretty sure that if the damage from the AR kills the enemy, then the burn is not applied, therefore it will not jump to an adjacent enemy

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Burn passes on after 2ND turn… kills Target and goes to next on last turn of burn.

if i have to take a guess on what’s going on with Maggie’s ar, the order of effects is backwards.

For the burn effect to pass on like it normally would from an outright kill from ar, the intitial burn status effect would have to be prior to the damage.

If the intitial dmg effect were to be backwards, dmg first then effect. If the target is destroyed by the damage first, then the burn effect never happened in the first place. This would replicate Maggie’s issue.

@CombatDevIl @JB.Scopely

What’s your take on this bug situation and how does burn dmg work in ars in cases they take the target down in one hit with nearby targets

I have this issue with burn maggie as well, but not with any of my other burn toons.


If the AR kills them… Technically they didn’t get burned

As it works for any burn ar toons (except maggie), when annihilating the toon in one blow or not, the burn status is on the primary target.

Burn damage only occurs during the opponents turn. If they die and there are remaining ticks to the effect, the effect is passed onto an adjacent target.

During player turn whether it’s during the ignition phase or between ticks, if the target is annihilated by the player, the effect with its remaining ticks is passed onto an adjacent target.

So you are correct with the primary target not receiving any burn damage when annihilated outright but the effect still goes on to an adjacent target even though no burn damage was recieved.

As it stands either Maggie is bugged or all other burn toons are bugged.

I’m more leaning towards that maggie is bugged since the other burn toons don’t behave in this manner.

Edit: I forgot to include Camila with being bugged like Maggie. Thanks for the pointout kobewankenobi.

Here’s Romanov’s burn ar killing the targeted enemy and the burn jumping, while Camila’s ar does not do the same

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