Calling Road Rage a F2P event was a mistake

Disappointed disappointment.


It IS free to play… just not free to win the prize…


It can be done. All I have spent was 300 coins on keys and looks like I will sneak in there. Assuming there will be 8 or 9 more road rage maps with keys in these following tournaments. But yes. Need to be able to do the roadmap and hit all milestones.

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It was never stated that it’s F2P. That’s what the forums led you to believe.


Everything in this game is free for your wallet to pay for.


#1, players called it F2P, Scopely didn’t.
#2, in this game context, something is considered F2P if there is a 100% certainty that something can be obtained without spending money. (So no RNG wheels)
#3, this event is still F2P, just a very grindy and hard one that many players will not accomplish.


All of the toons are f2p, 2 are easily accessible the other 2 will require some work and a little little grinding. Want better toon well WORK for them😂

Im wondering if the event “Road Rage” was named due that after we will grind eventually we become enraged after seeing the low drop rate of the tires…

Just saying…


I was thinking the same thing lol. If im correct the YouTube content creator/s made videos titled “f2p disarm and decapitate” and the players ran with it. I dont specifically remember scopley saying it was a f2p event at all.

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What you should realize is that it’s not necessarily F2P, it’s just a guaranteed Disarm/Decap with the right dedication and resources (including but not limited to time and money). I think it’s a good event but I’m also a bit disappointed that pretty much everyone in my faction will not get Bruce or sandy. That being said they may still have a good shot at Beta or Sophia

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It’s free to win a trash toon

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Sofia is rather underrated ive seen her used this weekend more than ever behind lydia, f2p have Garrett and can use them in tandem to build i cool def imo. Thts wat im doing atleast.


i hope scopely increases drops rates in the next 2 raid events


if u get all milestones, use all raid energy amd get the raid milestomes too, u should get it, and hit all roadmaps and hard maps

what helps is buying a few spare keys and batteries eith cpins

im f2p, got all milestones, used raid energy and got raid milestone and up to 9k, puchased a few 150 coins bags

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They really need to offer keys for coins again. But since they almost always do the opposite of what they should do they probably won’t

I have a key sale and 600 batteries for 1.99. Can’t beat that.

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Already have Bruce couldn’t care less about the other character other than sandy but that is impossible for me to get so I arn’t partissipating In this event

Where did you find keys to buy with coins, not money?!?

Is Bruce any good as I don’t have a disarm

He’s better than no disarm.