Calling out all the super factions


Since we know the match ups are not random I would like to propose the super faction regions all should sign up to fight each other this coming crw … @Chump @JB.Scopely @Bane @TheWanderer
Let’s see Ap Sb Fkr Ven all against one another in one single crw … let’s what he the whales squirm … what say you bill


I have been begging for this everyday in JBs PM since transfers. Bring. It. On


Finally somebody with some quevos …


Can we add Legacy to the Mix? Mofos? Bring them all




Can I sign up and watch this? My moneys all in on Notorious, followed by Legacy, FKR, AP and Infamous or Mofos rounding out your top 5.


Lmao!! Love it


What about invictus from catoosa?


Add them, add them all. Only the number ones and select number twos like Illuminightmare


That’s not me sweet checks :wink:


Also I think they should save it til the season ending. Why ruin the hype?


d00d you forgot me


I really want too see $100 worth of coins used to repair in a single one of these wars lol


Surprised scopes hasn’t done this already for this simple fact… guaranteed coin wars all war long


I would actually like to watch it


I will live stream on Twitch or something


Can we sell tickets?

If so, then we should be able to find a sponsor.


Upload it to YouTube with a really clickbaity title afterwards too


Id be happy to chip in.
-Sincerely, everyone else


sleepy Superman sticker