Calendar? What's next event?


So does anyone know where I can find an updated calendar or something? I’d like to know what’s coming after these events. Thanks.


It’s pretty easy to figure out since we have Level Up and Raids going on right now. The same events repeat over and over and over and over again. I’m thinking maybe Survival Road…


I posted this new thread, because the other one is discussing a separate topic now.


True. I would also like to know if it’s faction or solo, ya know? Kinda important.


Itll be solo road, then after a day has past they’ll likely be another level up.


You’re probably right.

They need to get their **** together with these calenders. They did so well for a while there.


For a while the calendar got updated b4 the week started, JB was usually on top of that, but he’s been MIA.


Well I have heard theres a Cross Region War this weekend


It is most likely going to be crw as the 2 wars( AOW and CRW) are usually 1 week apart. Also something big to kick start leagues. Though hopefully its not the split war again, need GPS and canteens not radios and watches :confused:.


It’s going to be a solo sr most likely followed by crw this weekend with a stupid solo level up break in between the two wars.

They seem to save the faction events for the non war weekends.

The game has gotten so predictable and stale. We need new events badly. Leveling toons and raiding are not actual events in my book.


We need new events badly



:roll_eyes: Sounds great. Can’t wait.


I will update the event calendar very shortly.

I’m very sorry for the delay, as I was off and missed a good part of the week.

Teaser: there is a Blitz War scheduled for the weekend :zombie:




Cr blitz yay! :rofl:


Forgot crw has become blitz :sweat_smile::joy::joy:





Please don’t do these split watered down, worse reward setups.

If CRW is split again into 2-21hour parts next week…
It only hurts active groups that have to cycle folks and start playing the milestone game because there’s no time. All about just hitting 50k then log off till monday, very unrewarding end game event.


You had create Faction of 30 players and , in the period of the week that they’re on the game (the weekend) , you do a war of 6vs6 instead 8vs8 ? It’s really sad…
So , crw or aow will be these war?


Remember to NOT make towers OP