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Solo raid. Solo faction. Crw. Incase yall didnt see it


Pics or it ain’t true


See below


Write it week ago. Easy to guess :joy:


How they snuck in 2 blitz wars when it says 1 is besides me…


Hey @Negan, it does show that Blitz extended over two days but actually there was one on each day obviously.

I can suggest to @kalishane next time to split them by day with a divider so it’s more clear. Thanks.


That would be best.

I think the assumption everyone saw from this was that there was just 1 blitz war from Thursday through Friday with no break in between.

Maybe this is a big reason why there was an uproar earlier on why there seemed to be a 2nd blitz war out of nowhere…


I totally see your point… Blitz War is usually a fraction of the time of an All Out War (2 days+).

I can also see that if the two Blitz War were combined it would have hit that 2 day duration mark and I could see how there would be an uproar about such a long Blitz War too.


I wasn’t really upset.

I mean… it’s draining, for sure. But I think there are bigger issues to worry about than 2 blitz wars back-to-back lol

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :sunglasses:

Gl in faction :leveluptourney: this weekend and CRW next weekend :trophy: