Calendar update


Yeah I have to agree with that point. Like are raid tournaments a thing of the past? I can’t even remember the last faction raid tournament.


I reported the feedback yesterday – and I appreciate you all for being vocal about it!

Things could change (as they often do), but it’s looking like that’s what it will be.


If i only could get my hands on that liveops manager position!:wink:

Best hint you could give em is, territories event! Only had one? ever since it was released!


Propain – are you talking about the one from about a month ago? (forgive me in case there was one before my time.)


Seems like it was a year ago, but i can only remember one territory event.

Im not on Beta, nor did my region get that territory tourny.


There was one during the Hold the Line event. I remember because it had handcuffs for rewards.

Last I heard they re tested it in beta @Propain

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Yeaa… if it was the one we had not too long ago – it felt like it was almost back to the drawing board.


Is this because Scop only cares about America?
Cause I had to war on thanksgiving in Canada.


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Based in USA so kinda see that coming, all the event starts at a good time for you tho. Not like you live in europe and get 95% of all event starts around midnight or in the middle if the night:)


Please no territory event that’s a waste of time

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So yes or no fac raid this weekend 2/09/17 @kalishane
Lol @ 3 months later


Scopely’s troll game has been on point this week lol

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calendar for April please


give it a week or so
scopely ain’t that efficient
they dont know what’s happening yet

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They’re still working out if Hordes made them more money than the usual Faction Raid /SR/LU weekend

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