Calendar september


J.B Scopley where is the new update on the calendar please !
thank you in anticipation!


We usually get update on Tuesday so plan on SLU at its usual time


It’s always updated Tuesday, why must we keep making these posts!


cos it’s tuesday here and still no new calendar update


updated it’s Tuesday night and still no update


still no update 8pm Tuesday night here buddy lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You Aussie? Yay!


Scopely is located on the west coast so it’s usually updated Tuesday west coast PST time


But the person that updates the calendar is based in Spain, where it’s currently edging towards the end of the working day.


@JB.Scopely singing… Wake me up, when September ends


yes i’m Aussie are you ?


lol i’m ten hours or more ahead


yes @ScreamQueen i’m an Aussie !


She joined the kelly gang… she must be lol


@JB.Scopely hasn’t been on in days. Reminds me a lot of Kalishane. Huge controversy and then forums are ghosted. A lot like a lottle kid saying “I can’t hear you!!”


@Shawn.Scopely any chance the calendar can be updated, so we at least know if it is crw this weekend


I did. But I transferred to butler. Moving back to TKG once the 10 days is up hahha. Not all of TKG are Aussies though hahaha


Yes I am! Central Coast!


Jb has been MIA. Some people are spreading the rumor he quit or was fired. Hopefully they post the calendar soon.


i’m down South Aussie i’m in Enigma in Bartow with two other Aussies i’m also In Butler Wolfpack and Ware region Veritas i love playing wow i’ve been playing since beginning hardly seen any Aussies till these past few months . happy to meet you look me up if you ever visit Bartow my main I’m Carts or Strong Woman . great seeing you on here @ScreamQueen cheers