Calendar said faction level up for the week end


What happened to This weekend being a Faction level up. My faction held off on the 1st one this week because the calendar said this weekend was supposed to be faction level up. Needless to say I’m pretty angry.



I Wonder why scopely want to change the event. To be honest, they’re loosing my trust


Plagueis, i think the change should have being announced early for players to adjust their time towards it


Lol… you said trust and scopely in the same sentence…

@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely


I wonder! Lol


It is also possible the calendar was wrong from the start and no one caught the error. This does nothing to allay the rumors of drinking in the workplace at Scopely.


Entirely true, thought it was very weird for them to have scheduled two fac levelups so close to one another


Because they don’t know how to run a business.


Just because there is a disclaimer stating “anything is subject to change” doesn’t give them a free pass when they put something on the calendar and then change it. They screwed up and if they planned at all and put that on the calendar initially then there had to be a reason but to then go and change it after you planned such a event just shows issues within the company.

We would rather see a blank there than be fed wrong information. Just like the saying, “No information is better than wrong information”.

Our faction also prepared for this event and now we didn’t really get screwed per say unless people had strong toons in scav missions but we just have to bite the bullet on the exp and/or wait a couple of weeks which either option sucks for the players.


No one is here to update it.

We all asked for a calender and we got it. 70% of the time it’s accurate, better than nothing at all imo.