Calendar next week

Any news about after 24th November ?


Some people are so demanding.

What do you expect them to do? Update the calendar on a Friday?!?!!


That’s a great idea…​


Yeah it’s not even Monday yet

Wait for it here it comes…
…S L U T

Dont need a crystal ball to know that a solo level up with crappy rewards is next.
The only rewards lately worth playing for is war and onslaught which happens 3 times a month total at best.


We just had onslaught expect survival road on wendsday. Blitz war Monday keep dreaming rolls eyes.

Solo level up
survival road
solo level up
cross region war

Sorry konrad but CRW has been suspended because of a glitch in the newest Thanksgiving event full of bugs


Ugh, why you so ugh. Stop being a lame-o.

its up and running now team - and we have a faction event! Its just a level-up , but still a faction event! Soil the bed its been a long time since we had one of those.

Ffs why oh why does Scopely never listen, people are bored and we need more events, Scopely ok let’s keep it the same or worse☹️

Events = Gates, they might just be giving themselves a breather after the savage beatings they have had this week.

They took away War, I like war

what a load of shit, the fuck is there no war ? I’m close to being done with this game


I called it about no CRW and I dont even work for VK lol

it was announced 3 weeks ago war was moving to the 6th of December but was hoping they would change there mind and bring It back

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why when the war is needed it is not when the time is not at it it is necessary

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the late notice - I have updated the calendar with this week events.

As usual you can find the new calendar on the blog and the forum:


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i am done with this shit

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Exaclty, see here:

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