Calendar inconsistencies is getting old


Personally I’m getting a bit done with posting this. But for the love of God can you please keep the calendar update in time and on a regular times routine. It feels like we the players need to constantly chase after you guys. The offer for taking the calendar topic still stands. Just for 6* a week I’m your guy. But please just update the damn thing already I have a faction to inform. I want to say please and thank you but how about you just do your job? If I was even the slightest slacker like you guys I would have been fired already. Should change your company name to slacker r us. It suits much better and at least we know what to expect.


Seems to me like @JB.Scopely is fading with his activity on here. They all start out super active and then they scale down. Everytime there’s a huge fiasco, they disappear.


I’m just hoping we get a blitz… with normal towers :alien:


We have just transferred region would love a blitz against the new guys


Would you want to stick around and deal with one of these debacles? I’d be off like a shot if this stuff was directed at me!

It is a problem, though. What’s the point of the calendar when it’s so often incorrect?


(Above: @JB.Scopely balancing Players & Scopely’s expectations)


That’s how it starts before they leave…


we dont need calendar or anything for schedule.


To be fair if it’s your job, well then yeah.

The amount of times I’ve had to deal with annoying people at work, wish I could just ignore them and eat pancakes. Pretty sure I’d be seeking employment after a while.


In game calander they should do


I’m thinking it’s much more like this



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