Calendar for December


I still haven’t seen a December Event Calendar, is there a chance we can get one or are we being held in suspense?

Still no updated Calendar?

My guess: holiday events starting soon, so no spoilers yet.


That was my impression as well. But it would be nice to see everything that is on the horizon. We might be able to help tweak some of it too for future events.


c’mon you can do it!!


It is updated.

The only thing missing is the Cross Region War that will happen this weekend.


Thank you



Wrong month.


Mick is right! That’s as far as we are right now minus CRW.

War will be on the 15th as well.

I normally only update the next week starting at the end of the week before.


when will you update war prizes?


So, crw or normal war in the weekend?


CRW this weekend


thank you


Just level ups.