Calendar change


these calendar changes are getting confusing. So no war this weekend after all?


Hi Roland! That’s correct! Updating as the schedule changes.


At least its an early change, better than a day in advance. Keep on surviving!


Thank you Kalishane…


Is no one else upset that they have cut our weekend events time but not the totals needed to hit all the milestones? It used to be Friday-Sunday for a raid now it’s just Fri & Sat so get your can’s ready followed by another crappy 24 hour can required to finish SR.

Game is so stale and turning in to p2p unless you are willing to forfit rewards…instead of combat mods how about more game modes?


Not sure it’s p2p. It’s def p2w but it’s always been like that. You can’t finish or complete events without paying but you can play for free and progress as far as you can in each tournament. That extra day of raiding doesn’t help much. Saves 3-4 cans maybe. Would rather get an extra tournament for sure.


thanks Shane for the early update!


There were a bunch of blitz wars that are gone now though. Very disappointing.


yeah but blitz wars are usually just for farming cans. And in dying regions, it gets really boring. A lot of factions can barely cue it up and it’s tough for them to face the top 1-3 factions over and over again.


I think they dont want it, but are clueless what to do. I dont see why they would invest time in those mods if they want the game to die. Its a stupid thing to do, that i am sure, they should have worked on our complaints and a quicker release of 6*. Its ridiculous to release them so slowly. 6 months for how many ascendable existing 5*? 10? They should have worked on it behind the scenes before they released 6* and then boom: here 20 of your current 5* are now ascendable


also, last blitz my faction (#1 in region) put up 5 star defenses just to help everyone else get milestones. It is what it is now with this game. The sooner we accept it for what it is, the better.


yes I agree but it’s all hindsight now. Miss our days with @Dash.


Blitz wars are still a nice change from the constant level ups. Yea participation is down compared to regular war but better than logging in, collecting a scav and exiting app.


Blitz wars give them less income as we farm jugs… they dont like them. I love them for the easy milestones.


Don’t make it right or enjoyable to play. The Wed-Thu SR can be beaten with natural energy. Having to use over 20 cans every week if you want to claim every milestone in a raid is pretty much a joke. They took a day away from us an yet still require the same totals. Absolute joke. If I were running the show every event would be beatable by natural energy or I would adjust the milestone totals to them if it’s a shorter event.

There are plenty of other ways to make money. They do not have to nickel and dime us every time nor should we stand for it either. If we talk with our wallets they will listen. It’s that simple.


very true. We are in a no win situation. :sob:


Exactly, i prefer blitz war 10x over lvl up. Blitz wars at least need no preperation. They give us time to prepare for other events which is a good thing. Im mostly sick of lvl up and raid events and mainly because of the milestones


Like I said, raid energy doesn’t fill fast enough to make a difference.

Given the two choices:
Level up and faction raid from friday to sunday
Level up and faction raid from Friday to Saturday
Sr Sunday

I choose the second option. Even if you spend no money on SR and can’t complete it, your getting extra rewards.


Yeah stop spending and start talking… only tactic that will help here. I wouldnt be surprised if they are working on a new game and hope to keep this one alive for the time being throwing new features on us. I mean, a game to keep is something you want to debug. Or maybe they simple have a f’ed up code that they dont understand anymore because they made notes nowhere. I always was taught a note below every 3 command lines to show what ur doing there


Like I said lower the milestones to make it so they can be claimed on natural energy. Shorter event lower milestones. Longer event higher milestones.

Never said anything about fewer events and if they can run a level up and raid together why can’t they also run the sr. So Fri-Sun we get all three.