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Why would they postpone crw? There’s no updates or bugs coming out… @JB.Scopely we want a REASON behind this change.



Hope this is a joke… Why change something that is not broken and ignore what is broken? ah because it’s Scopely!



I hate war vs my own region nothing like facing same 5 factions the majority of the time and top 2 basically half of the time

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War schedule and towers has turned into pure bull $hit. War starts on a f’n Sunday. The only good thing about this game…ruined

I think they are deliberately trying to get people to leave so they can close this game. Seriously…

@JB.Scopely @CombatMan @Hedge @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron



Do not worry, CRW is also on the near horizon :slight_smile:

As I wrote into the calendar thread’s notes, we had to be weary this week of having two live clients out there (14.0.2 and 14.0.3) that can cause a few technical quirks.

To ensure the game carries on running smoothly, CRW is ‘sacrificed’, so to speak, in favour of a lighter Blitz format, while we’re pending to force upgrade all players to 14.0.3 and resume a normal, and expected, event schedule.

Leagues, and the broken down stretches periods, are a whole new layer for us to take into consideration when mapping events on top of these, which also makes us adapt, to best cater for this new feature. That is why you are witnessing some minor changes in event start and stop times.

We also want to best accommodate for region transfer and faction lockdown, leaving adequate spacing in between 2 distinct events.

I’m very attentive to the feedback given with that regards, and I thank you for voicing it an appropriate manner also :nerd_face::+1:

I hope this provides you with enough context as to why we remain agile and responsive with our schedule lately.



Please bump up that start time :face_vomiting:



Sorry but none of what you said justifies having war start on a dang Sunday and less than a day long… Fill me in where that makes sense?

Territories and a plethora of other game related issues exist but yall still run them with no fix in place. So you honestly said a whole lot of nothing. Not trying to be an ass but when we as players waste our time and money on this game we expect 1000k times better than we are getting



@JB.Scopely thank you for your rationale. Still not happy about the postponement of crw but I can at least understand the reasoning behind it.

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Just promise us no more split wars, I think the feedback has been overwhelmingly against this idea. Therefore, another split war in the future will be a spit in the face of the community you’re suppose to be advocating for.



Why is this only on a Sunday! That’s the only thing people look forward too and now its gonna be a mess. 6v6 is trash! Atleast have 2 blitz war.



Cancel the stupid solo raid starting Friday night that nobody wants and put Blitz in that slot



Please have atleast two blitz wars no one wants a solo raid postpone crw okay but one blitz on a Sunday sucks for the most part



Porque no ponen 2 guerras Blitz?
1 viernes y 1 sábado, parecido a la guerra CRW queremos diversión!
Queremos guerras!!!

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Can we get another blitz war nex week sometime? :+1:

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Is it just me or are the main ways war is ruined are:
a. Scopely cancels it or gives crappy rewards
b. Some hacker or massive spender outside of the US destroys everyone



Dont forget op towers



Do not forget about those in other timezones, the +10 hours gmt will only get to war for a few hours sunday night … if they are lucky! 6v6 and 2-3 hours of war :thinking:




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So I assume y’all won’t make the players happy and make war longer this weekend? Start it today…
@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely



Should at least be 2 blitz wars then, have one Start later in today. 23 hour blitz on a weekend is a joke. Pure and simple. Ya’ll have been ruining wars for months now. STOP IT.

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