Calendar -Blitz


Will we be having just 1 blitz this weekend??? Calendar seems to indicate so


Who is doing this? The most backwards people I’ve ever seen. Way to ruin another war weekend. You da real MVP


Great. Another war cancled why is this happening. We want CRW not bltiz… boooo :-1:


We want CRW @JB.Scopely :imp:


Blitz is supposed to be during the week why the fk is it on the weekend smh


Thank you for your feedback. We will consider it. :poop::poop::poop:


:joy::joy::joy: aka we do what we want, f the players.


Something I don’t get, why do some want CRW? Serious question.


to get screwed by the russians and japs


Tougher opponents and better rewards. More intense weekend


along with getting screwed by Turkish & Spanish cheaters using the 2* hack


so nothing new in crw


To hopefully use the toons we level up. Whats the point of levelling up if you dont get to try new teams?


I don’t see how CRW has better rewards except maybe Canteens and GPS and all that.


Porque dan más monedas de 3 aniversario, para ver si llegamos abrir otro más!


Sorry I don’t speak that language.


Either way, try them out in regular war, raids, etc. Let CRW come when it comes, gives you the chance to level your toons up even more.


i blevive he said something about needing more anniversary tokens for another pull


To be fair though, unless you are top 10 then blitz would be the better choice when it comes to those tokens.


they could give a very hard roadmap for tokens but would they