Calendar and hordes

Just saw hordes is on the calendar this week. Better not be another trick to go along with the Halloween theme you’ve been sticking to for everything else.

Also, @gr.scopely, why are you guys keeping the calendar so bare? 3 weeks in a row it’s been only one tourney at a time. And 3 days of it is always level up. Why have you stopped running other tourneys along side level up?? And is this format going to continue??? (Don’t get rid of level up btw, go back to running raids, SR, etc at the same time please)

I’m still convinced you’re trying to deny us torches, league tokens and league milestones. But this current format needs to end. The game has been boring as hell lately…


It’s past time they add more to milestones.
They need to be more progressive make it 4 or 5, especially in war.
3 items at each stage has gotten old and very limiting.


too.many tourney
too many torches given
too many rewards and s.clas.collectables

means less pulls, less money spent

no more tourneys until everyone pulls 40


and i miss raid tourney so much, LEVEL UP TOURNEY SO BORING AF !!! please ! wtf

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They will cancel hordes again. Thats my bet


Mine as well.

“We discovered at the last possible second that this mode is unbalanced and unfair :open_mouth: so we are canceling this and replacing with one 6* territory that pays out one red velvet cake every 6 hours :smiley: keep on surviving!”


Well yeah thats the thing… I don’t see how they have suddenly balanced it when the S class Era is still just beginning and some people have say 4-5 S class while others only have a couple.

They should exclude S class altogether for now but then that will seem unfair to people who have worked for or paid for their S-Class toons.

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I have been saying this as well for a long time. There are way too many groups of items we need to progress in this game for them to bottleneck and only give us 3 in milestones.


Yes! Just to name some and give examples of the magnitude of items, then they limit to 3 during tournaments, and we don’t even have that many tournaments anymore!

Gear (6*)
Specialty Gear (half rotting heads)
Ascendancy medals
5* tokens
league tokens
Weapon tokens
Elite item tokens
event collection items
S class collection items
Museum collections currency (red velvet cake)
SR markers

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Exactly. There are well over a dozen categories of things we need regularly yet we get 3 in milestones

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Keep 3 slots but put them in crates/bags. All energy in a crate takes one slot, all trainers, ascend medals, gear in one slot, all tokens and special items in one slot. So something like slot 1 = 10k league tokens, 10k 5* tokens, 10k 4* weapon tokens, 10k elite item tokens, velvet cakes. Slot 2 = 50 torchs, 1 raid can, 1 world can, 1 war can. Slot 3 = 2 bennidicts, 2 lilths, 2 ulysess, 1 gps, 1 canteen, 300 gold ascend medals. Something like that would make a lot more sense, make players want to complete milestones, bring more competition, bring scopely more money, they swear they have to give us scraps to make money when in realty for most people it does the opposite

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Due to a sudden dissaperance of season 8 hordes has em mysteriously vanished
Keep surrving cashcow I mean surrvior

expecting hordes to be replaced with raids or sr

It’s quite demanding if you have tournaments and the roadmaps that refresh so often. Trying to balance it all with jobs and life and commitments outside work is tough. I don’t have a problem with a break in the normal schedule if they’ve got something else going, but the events should be pretty consistent. Not about a million things to do at once and then nothing for days on end…

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Raids fn sucks ass. Worst event in the game

Hordes is dead let me sell my 60 cans…

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