Calander suggestion

So theres been a few threads about 6v6 / 8V8 which is better for war. and a few threads about AOW/ CRW which is better. Was wondering what people think about the idea of having blitz war Friday every other week before regular scheduled war. alternating the type of blitz war each week, but idea is there would be a 6v6/ 8v8 war each war weekend so everyones happy. and there would be a CRW and AOW every war weekend so again everyone be happy.

posted this in another thread but its off topic to that thread so wanted to make its own thread see if people would think if this is a good or bad idea? (edit: cause i suck at spelling)


Done, never let it be said that im good at spelling lol


They should have 6v6 AOW and 8v8 CRW in parallel on the same weekend. Then 2 weeks later have 8v8 AOW and 6v6 CRW on same weekend.

Everyone is happy and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this idea.

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