Cakes totals not reset on leaderboard


Because some people kept their cakes from the first round, everyone is more or less locked out of the top 1000. That’s right, the top 1100 kept a big chunk, if not all, of their cakes and therefor have way more chance to get the 45 tokens. Scopely can only do 1 thing and award the 45 tokens to everyone in the too 2100. Like that, no on is affected by their mistakes. And even then i think the top 200 is still a bit messed up


72 hours.

Come back in 72 hours


Must not criticise incompetence…

But seriously though, this needs to be rectified. It’s in your interest Scopley, because many will just not bother trying for the cakes if they don’t have a hope of a top 1000 position


Come back in 72 hours? We already waited 4,5 days


72 hours from now :wink:


I only care about getting 8k not were I finish on some leader broad


I switched regions on Sunday, and just checked now. All synced and showing correct amounts less than a 72 hour turnaround


Cakes don’t reset the mission is to get 8k for 6* garret


Unless you transfer and lose them all


I have over 6k right now


Candles, not cakes get you Garret.

When switching regions you have to wait up to 72 hours for your previous cache of cakes and candles to sync.

It’s been less than 72 hours for me and I am all synced up, others however have been waiting days.


Oh it is haha


Throw me off since cakes are listed once you go in


I know what you mean :wink:



It’s going to be closes


Just you never seem to understand what i mean. Im not talking about cake resets after tranferrinf regions. Im talked about in between the 2 cake leaderboards we had. When the first one ended, some people who got cakes just before the end, took them to the second leaderboard. Some took about 500 cakes to the next one like that. That’s why I say that we are at an disadvantage now if we didnt have this bug


i think what it is was some people held onto their collection for the 2nd round. i know for me i finished top 50 last round and when the new round started i was way down with no candles to turn in. it was a bit irking for sure but i worked my way back up and right now im right at that cusp of 200th. the placements vary wildly so you gotta make sure you stay on top of that cake count and grab all those milestones cause placement can drop dramtically from one event to the next.


Yes, i noticed this too, but still i read that some people just had a bug where their cake count did not reset and that pissed me off a bit.


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