Cakes I need help

Can anyone explain how this it works? Because I open every single day recruits and I collect 700 cakes did I need to have this tons so to receive this boxes?

If it’s like that where I need this tons that is b…t :confused:

you need to complete the toon to t4 lvl90 then you can trade your cakes in for the box


But yes you do need the toon

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Hah that’s mean I need to spend lots of money for recruits (coins) and chance to have one of them os 0.0000001 so I dont get the idea or how some people can have that luck or I dont know what…

Alot of people got Bruce Allen Cooper from the last war wheel

That still dosen’t help a lot for this Museum missions… when you dont have luck with matches in war !?!

Ill give u my extra bruce fir 45 cakes lol

I will give 200 if I can somehow lol :sweat_smile:

People don’t have luck, they have $$$$

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i got 3 that bruce from last war wheel him and jeremia was all that would drop. red cakes i have only gotten last war their way harder too get. still need 240 red cakes myself not seeing anywhere too get them just chocolate in roadmap