Cakes for survival club roadmap

Does anyone know why a few people got a free cake and other not?
2 factionmates got this morning a cake for the Roadmap and booth are not SC members
Any idea?

A bug?

I’m shocked.

Are they in the beta? Heard it’s been buggin

No there are no beta players

P12 players received them yesterday instead of daily log in crate. Of course they are just letting it happen and not sending our proper compensation.

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So p12 get a daily log in crate ??

Yesterday the Prestige crate was a cake box…
But my members didn’t buy the box, there got the cakes in her inbox…

Correct. They have since fixed it.

So are they able to complete this roadmap ?

Yes The did

We’ll be able to finish this one map. But it is a recurring one which is why SC members get a cake every day

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