Cakes' classification "broken"


Hi , i cannot see were i’m in cakes classification…could you tell me why? Could you please make it a little bit more intelligent in terms of graphic-visualization?


Again , i cannot see my number of cakes (1406) and i cannot see where i’m in the classification , as you can see by the screen , classification jump from position 90 to position 800…please fix it…


@JB.Scopely , please take a look on this…


It;s bugged, you need to close and restart the leaderboard multiple times, it shows at random


Ohhh heellllll no I’m not missing out on the 60 rts tokens I deserve! Give them to me! I worked hard for those!


its not even opening for me lol


I keep getting a similar error in that a large chunk is missing - you can see in the pic above everyone between 91st and 802nd is missing - I think it’s trying to load a lot of data and just falls over halfway through.

Hopefully it’s just a visual bug displaying the leaderboard and no one gets screwed out of tokens


Tap select leaderboard/cakes/ you should see your name tap it


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