Cake roadmap help

Not sure if anyone has posted anything about this lately but what team would be best for the final stage of the cake rm cause i just can’t get past it there is Chris William guardian rick gabe Martinez and no matter what team ive been taking just can’t get past it

what toons you have? but need controll and support

My main team ive been using is ajax shield sandy clem michelle lead and Charlie i dont have alot of the gen 2 toons tho

I meam decap sandy

borrow a defence down toon like dale or diego

I dont have either of them would def down weapon replace using them

i mean from faction or dont anyone have those?

At the moment I’m not in one i was taking a bit of a break from.the game so I left but yea they did have them as supporters

then join one so you get six toons
go bleed team with those
white shiva
eric eric
no meant to win beutiful just win

Ok thanks and yea I just want to beat it dont care how

Just use grenades

Eric lead, Douglas, Amber, Koa and Bruce.

I have more toons its not letting me post the rest

Need def down or bleed them dry

I barely beat it last week just can’t remember the team i had

Or a command alongside Amber, and she’ll tear them a new one! :wink: