Cake rewards missing


Where they at? @JB.Scopely


Same situation.


Jfc, such impatience…


“Rewards are in the mail”


Impatience?? Do they like their money? Up front at that?

Whens the last time you did a 40 pull an said hey sometime in the next 72 hours ill get that cash to ya??

They want theirs up front doesnt seem like an illogical request to expect ours in a timely manner.


Your logic is totally flawed.

Do you get outraged having to wait for Amazon parcels to be delivered?

They said rewards would be distributed in 24-72 hours, so yet another whiny thread complaining about no cakes before 24 hours is even passed is just obnoxiously impatient


Scopely be like: “you can’t have your cake and get rewarded for it too”


Was it not support (who are never wrong) said that time and weren’t they talking about people that transfered leader boards being fixed?
I never seen @JB.Scopely say this was the case. did I miss it and if so why wasn’t it pinned so it was easy to find?


Shouldnt have to pin something saying we get em in minimal 24 hours when its stated in the support tab in game. Not JBs responsibility.


Yeah once again support and devs not on the same page. Always knew it said up to 3 days, but can’t ignore the support note that popped up.


Why not don’t understand your reasoning lol am I on the forum for star wars or something this is this the forum for the game where information should be given out.


The way it’s worded there will be a lot of support requests over it


So an hour left right?


Just wait,complaining ain’t gonna make them come quicker.


It ended 12 minutes ago yesterday


In game blog post says 72 hours…


Yall just need to wait give it time not everything comes instantly.


Did anyone get it yet?


Nah bruh this aint a package its a fucking video game and its not hard to just give everyone their digtal rewards


Complaining or asking questions scopley white knights as use. Why u all run to scopleys aid to put other players down bores me. If u ain’t getting paid to work here wats with the cheek or salty reply?
Jb. Scopley is the forum manager with people working for him any of them could have posted a bit of info here why not? Kind of the job is it not.
No one was knocking anyone just looking answers.
Do white knights get better odds with pulls lol