Cake plus toon Museum collection

Is there going to be other cake plus toon collections in the museum for cakes and cones with different toons? It kinda really puts the people at a disadvantage if they happen not to have those toons but yet have enough cake to collect it and with only a couple days left u til it leaves the Museum is there going to be another collection with the same prizes ???

Do you really expect an answer? They do not communicate these things at all. Same story with the comic collections.


If u don’t ask you you have 0% of a chance to get an answer or like trying to pull for a toon you maybe lucky and get a .03% chance lol


They will always put toons that almost people don’t have and force them to spend to get those toons and finally trade for collection

Those odds all depend upon which bucket you are in.

What do u mean they are all the same # of items u can pick from

Surely they will. Last week they had Lilly and someone else up didn’t they?

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