Cake leaderboard

Is cake leaderboard broken?
Does some players kept their cakes from previous week? Because I dont understand how im not in 201 - 1000 and I have hit all milestones in every event


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i tried to figure that one out. seems in my case my cakes got reset after the event ended. the first event i ended top 50; hitting every milestone and buying some cakes along the way. the second event i started way down (roughly 900th.) im slowly working back up but i doubt ill hit top 200 this go cause they dont appear to be selling the cake crates anymore. also as stated some people could double dip upon transfer and complete milestones again and even the roadmap if they timed it correctly. so perhaps some waited to cash in all their collection for the second event. who knows.

edit: ironically enough right after i posted this…lo and behold cake crates show up in the store.

I don’t care what place I’m in as long as I finish some how with 8k

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