Cake Crates - Worth it?


Hey Everyone,

i’ve been saving for a 40pull and I was wondering if buying cake crates is more reliable.

Have you guys been buying them?

I really don’t like the ods on the 40Pull.


Well, you’re assured of either a 6* or 5* ascendable from the Year 3 Tokens that come with claiming cakes.


what about the cake crates?

are they worth the gold coins?


Yeah if you get the survival tokens and are lucky enough to not pull 4*s.


I’m talking about this crates. no Survival tokens inside…


I opened a couple and didn’t get much. Maybe 100 cakes and some tokens. No anniversary tokens. So total value of half a cake collection, which isn’t much in itself. I think the crate is okay if you’re a few cakes short, or if you are a few anniversary tokens short of a pull and are impatient. Otherwise, you’re not getting much value from buying a bunch of these


Oh right, the new crate. The cheaper one had survival tokens, which I got some decent pulls from - 2 Christmas Ricks and I think revive Ty.


my questions is, if it is worth waiting another month or monnth and a half to get a 40 pull… or should i bet on this crates… at least i also get some trainers from the Cakes…
a friend of mine just did a 40pull and got 0 legends and 0 5* ascendable…


40 pull = fastest way to waste coins

There are a lot of better options, including the cake crates you mentioned. Test your luck there instead. If you get at least 25 Y3 tokens out of 10 crates, it is worth it.


the cake collection is limited, so it depends if you have been hitting all the milestones, it looks like I will max out the 10 times I can collect this from the museum without buying any.

So then you are looking at the cake leader board and or hoping to get something other than cakes from those crates. every way of spending coins on this game is a gamble, you can gamble on the premier wheel, gamble on how many refills you will get, gamble what you will get in a crate, no mater what you go for you will probably be disappointed, as even if you get a nice shiny premier, you then still have to collect all the trainers etc to make them usable.


Nah definitely do 40 pulls. It might cost a lot but you may also get a lot in return (Erika). If u spend it on crates like the guy said it’ll be at most 1/4 of a pull to get 5* gov. Do the 40.


Not everyone is that lucky. If you are not a heavy spender, it’s not worth trying your luck there. Then again, why even bother when new players got Erika for less than $36. I said this somewhere before, but premiers aren’t worth pulling for anymore because these offers existed.


YEah I don’t plan on doing more than 1 40Pull… saving already for 2 months… hehehe
i wanna get the best value for my buck…


Nvr do 40 pull… instead do 4 10s like 5 to 10 mins apart… imho


Don’t do that.


Whatever you do, just keep on spending!


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