Cake collectionss updated but incorrectly!

Hi scoply.

So my candles have been updated but my cake count for the event that just finished is wrong. It is showing 317. While I collected over 1k.

The new cake event that has begun is showing my cake count to be over 900. I am guessing it refreshed the missing from the previous.

I am pretty damn sure my cakes would have gotten me a higher rank in previous collection event and the new ones are not going to keep in top 200 to make up the difference.

Is this going to be fixed or is it a tough luck call and we gotta settle? It’s a difference of at least 15 3yr tokens.

Can someone update on what’s going on? When reporting all I am getting is the same automated response and then being asked if I am satisfied or not! No i am not satisfied!

i didnt get in top 1000 either, the leaderboard didnt update after i bought a cake crate, so i ended up on 1003

you need way more than 1k to land in top 200. yesterday 1k was around 440th. was probably way lower since then. one of my fac mates had 1.8k and was close to 200 for placement.

Figured as much. Which is why i would rather the scores reflect accurately so I get the deserved 45 coins both seaons rather than just the one

if the rewards are not fair and square for everyone they`ll scar their anniversary even more after the CRW bullshit

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