C is for communication

We all want better communication on top of many other things. It astounds me how you make changes without notice before or after you take something down, for example draft arenas. An inbox message would suffice like “due to unforseen circumstances draft arenas will be temporarily shut down.” This is just one example of many more I could list, but I dont get paid consultation fees. Where is this blog btw? Also i have noticed GR responding to a lot of threads lately, which is good, but only half good as its “taking it to the team” with never an answer for it.


They won’t because it’s removed permanently they noticed people put most of they’re tickets on draft so they remove it because it’s harder to get top in other modes

Hmm I use most of mine on old school.

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Around here C = Counter-productive.

It’s not removed permanently. Arenas change every week with no announcement.


I did say temporarily…

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I don’t really want an arenas announcement every week, it just becomes noise that no one pays any attention to but sets up a mountain of complaints if they change something last minute.

Plus, it’s just my guess that they avoided it on purpose.


Kinda like they avoid everything else :joy::joy:. I was using draft arenas as an example since its a current issue atm. I could have picked others, but still remains a simple one sentence notification in peoples inboxes would alleviate a lot of frustration.


You could just not read it


S - for Spend to Ignore the problem

@Banshee - Thanks for your honest feedback. There’s still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to communication. The idea of the blog is to be permanently accessible within the game and as of today, this is still not the case.

For the increase of presence, I am glad this is has been noticed and for the rest, I would say that I answer when I get the answer from the team on the topic. We are currently working internally on improving the process in order to get the information you are all looking for on time.



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