Bye bye cheaters!


Thank you scopely. 3 gone from coosa before CRW, step in the right direction :wink:


Thats great news!!


A big hacker from Butts just banned also finally.


Drunk goku banned yet?


We had one of our more brazen ones banned as well.

Go kick some ass Scopely! Please, keep it up. Your legitimate player base is needing this. We appreciate it more than you know!


Just wanted to share the love. We do notice, and appreciate, when you take steps to do right by us.


Got to thank the community on this one. Pro Scopely people said to quit bitching but if everyone had just ignored the cheaters, do you think they would have gotten banned?


Awesome news! Probably just the tip of the iceberg though. Keep it going.


Boo. I was looking forward to stomping them


His alt was couple days ago, but pretty sure he plays it safe on his main


Good job scopley!!!


That sucks, I’d like to see him gone forever.


Couldn’t have come soon enough, Cheers Scopely :slight_smile:


We all would. Scopely could get him for ToS violations but i dont think they can for cheating


Curiosity peaked: how does a banned account appear, or does it disappear altogether?


How do you know they were kicked?

Did they make accounts and come back to let people know they were kicked?

General curiosity



When u click on their portrait in gc and see this, confirmed by the indivual on line going “wtf i was banned”


Lmao kudos $$$copely


Whoa stuff is happening


So thrilled. One was also a massive racist and was reported many times for cheating and racism. It took FOREVER but pretty happy she is gone :slight_smile: