Buying what a rip off


Spend 250 gold on Preimer Recruite!!! only given 3 star player what a rip off :thinking::angry::angry::angry::angry:


Wait till you’ve spent real $ you’ll really be happy about what you get.


Consider yourself blessed if you pull a 4 star from the wheels of sadness and regret.


I’m sorry but it’s like gambling. I’ve spend a $100 in one shot to get a ok 5*, think I was going for Shiva. Alas the tiger got away & I’ve done that 8 Times since joining in October. :woman_shrugging: Use tap joy & not your card


Lmao, good. You shouldn’t have expected to have gotten anything good, it’s all luck. Cry when you spent 18k in gold and still get nothing. Until then, stop crying.


No need to be a dick head, dick head.


You must be new. That’s how it works.


Do tapjoy offers, Watch videos, sometimes you can watch 30 in a row (90 coins) and save your coins and you’ll have enough to do at least a 10 pull once a month. I’ve been playing since the beginning and I learned quick . It’s casino rules . “The house always wins” so play with house money


You mean almost :+1:


Lmao wheel of sadness!


Oh dear God no he’s gonna derail this thread now too.