Buying in vk is allowed?

did vk site is legally or not?? if we buy something there we will gey banned or not?

It’s against the ToS and will lead to a ban. People may get away with it in the short term, but they’re doing ban waves more and more often now.


IDK is buying illegal firearms ok

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Et le temps que Scop interviennent. … et bien la quantité de joueurs qui stop augmente car dégoûté de leur lenteur a réagir… …
Alors oui Scop autorise les achats vk … car pendant ce temps vous dépensé $$$$ chez scop en espérant recevoir la même arme impossible que eux on acheter VK …
Au final … VK est payant pour scop

Feel free to shop around for the best price😉


You’ll get a 2 day suspension. But after that, you can carry on as normal and get to keep all the stuff you got for cheap.


I don’t think so. A Faction of mine bought a Mia and when the last ban Wave happend, her Account was gone for good.


Seen multiple people have weapons reset as well as roster shake downs, so this is pretty inaccurate to keeping stuff. Also a bunch just get deleted, it will vary depending on the level of what you have done.

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What’s vk?!?

How do you buy things? It’s the first I’m hearing of this, isn’t it cheating?

Yup, it is cheating.

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Or suspension depending on legit spend* fixed it for you.

I wish scopes banned them ALL, make it happen?

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like this? (Not mine, but a faction member)

I think people who didn’t heed the warning when they were suspended will not be happy when the ban waves come.

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I would NEVER cheat, that just makes the game boring! Love to grind

can craft that as is without cheating

An ex fac mate bought from vk multiple times, he only got suspended and is still playing
He encouraged many fac mates to do the same, he was prestige 11
The rest were 8-9-10
All of them got except the prestige 11 guy

You also have a higher chance of getting your acc stolen also

Well, from what I know buying from VK has a 50/50 chance of getting your account banned.

You can either get straight up perma banned. Or you can get suspended for x amount of time. Or in some cases you can get away scot-free.

It all depends on many factors, that Scopely will never disclose. But a consistent theory is it all depends on how much you legit spent on the game. If you don’t spend much in the game or spend nothing at all on the game, if you get caught buying from VK it’s “Goodbye! Nice to know you!!”

If you spend regularly on the game and occasionally buy from VK, you most likely get away scot-free. If you spend regularly and buy regularly from VK, you’ll be either suspended for the duration of a war and/or tournament or you get demoted to a Wave 3 region. Consider it as a warning (Scopely doesn’t like to lose paying costumers as they are getting rarer by the day), but if you persist it, they’ll ban you.

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Not if you buy from the “legit” VK hackers. They usually put on blast the scammers. But as far as I know none are to be trusted, besides from the usual promo, event and tournament leaks.

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