Buying food with Gear Markers is convoluted



Buying food through this method is convoluted, buying one lot at a time takes too long.

Give people the ability to buy multiple.

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The most recent update to help selling is fantastic, holding down the button is now such a time saver. While it took forever to get into the game I’m glad it’s finally here.

Supply Depot Gear Marker Future Update Needed

Agreed. Or get rid of some of the splash screens when you buy one item.


I logged an enhancement for this improvement yesterday. Totally agree that any method of buying multiple items (that you’d want to buy multiple of) 1 at a time is not ideal.

Gear Markers: dial in the food? Instead of one by one!

It seems pretty clear that most players will only use this to buy the food bags… which the items could have just been sold for food… the prices of the gear is just to high. Sell two walkies to buy one police shield?? Who thought of these insane amounts. Is this being watched?? The amount of gear that is being bought?


Thanks @CombatMan much appreciated


Or skip the 10K food for 15 markers and make a 1M food for 1500 markers.


Can we have an update on this Enhancement? Anyone who actually played this game would understand the frustration here.


It’s hard to fix issues. Let’s change the roadmap look instead… oh wait


This is laughable. 2 months after they logged this nothing has changed. Seems a lot easier to fix this than add new content.


please add option for 1 million food…


This. Who needs to but 10k food at a time and even 100k isn’t much. Change the 10k to 1 million. Then I wouldn’t be so annoyed with having to buy 100k at a time


So what happened?

For every “sale gui” - please try to create a box we can click and just enter 1-9999, is this a very demanding task?

Its good that improvements are finally happening, but how about thinking through and then trying out things before stuff goes live? Just to be a little more specific;

Holding the “add” button is slow at first, 1-50 is pretty unaffected by any acceleration, around 50 its noticeable and from a 100 you then also get somewhat quicker up to 200, at which point reaching 3000 is hardly half a second away…

Is this is not a totally useless design for selling anything above 200 as precision goes away as fast as it accelerates?



They can just add Buy full with the right amount of Markers, instead of that 10k food
For example :
Let’s say you need 300k food to rach max it will demand 450 markers for that,
400k it will require 560 markers for that…
That will be much better


There are probably around 10+ better design choices, and yet we had this old crap for so long, clearly not many Fs been given.


@CombatMan any update please? So bored of buying the same item 26 times.


Fixy fixy please


@CombatMan, @JB.Scopely it’s been 8 months since this was logged and since then we have had an unloved addition of Faction Onslaught and plenty of bugs not fixed and territories which are a massive joke.

Would be a nice small win to put this addition in asap.


lol it’s on the list :slight_smile: like the new roadmaps


Coming soon :rofl:


please dont add a new feature, u prolly stuff up something, just add a zero on the number that will do